Zephyr Design Concepts, LLC.




 Creating Visual Impact...


Client Information

A project manager will be assigned to assess your needs, and a project plan and timeline

to design and execute your project through completion will be created. 



This process includes:


  • Complete analysis of the architectural blueprints.
  • A thorough cost estimate breakdown.
  • Consultations with the project owners, interior and exterior design firms to ensure an aesthetically 

        uniform design style for the project.

  • Creation and development of a sign package either adhering to established client style guidelines

        or custom designed by Zephyr at the clients request.

  • Consultations with city development & permitting officials, as required.
  • Fire marshall meetings to ensure code compliance.
  • Verification of all code compliance regulations.
  • Final presentation and client approval of the project's design artwork before production.
  • Quality assurance in the manufacturing process.
  • Meetings with the site supervisor and pre-installation site walks to address any unexpected 

        additional structural changes or changes in amenities.

  • Schedule coordination with the site supervisor for staged, phased or staggered installations.
  • Timely and experienced installation.
  • Post-installation site walks.
  • One of the best warranty policies in the industry.



..... Code Compliance Policy .....


If for any reason we fail to meet code on any sign we produce, whether it be by City, Fire,

Americans with Disabilities Act or any other governing authority regulation, we will bring the

sign(s) in question up to code and/or produce a new or replacement sign and install it

free of charge to our client. Guaranteed.